Thank you for your visit!

Some weeks ago the wfb ended – and we can say that we en­joy­ed the event in Augs­burg!

The nice at­mo­s­phe­re, in­te­rested vi­si­tors as well as plea­sant and excit­ing con­ver­sa­ti­ons – in short, the wfb of­fe­red ever­y­thing an ex­hi­bi­tor could wish for. Our fol­low-up work of the fair is now en­te­ring a cru­ci­al phase – we are cu­rious to know which pro­jects we are soon going to im­ple­ment to­ge­ther with our cust­o­m­ers.

But, after the fair is be­fo­re the fair – in this sense, we would like to thank you once again for your in­te­rest in our com­pa­ny and we are loo­king for­ward to the next wfb!