To get a shock …

… certainly not with FKB - thanks to the new conductive plastic tube clamp this will not happen :-)

Whether you have combed your hair, put on a new piece of clothing or moved around quickly in your office chair on the carpet  – often, a ‘crackling’ sound is heard. This ‘crackling’ sound is caused by frictional electricity.
In the industrial sector it can often ‘crackle‘, too. Especially when handling bulk materials, such as e.g. plastic granulate, cement or coffee and flour, an electrostatic charge builds up.
If an uncontrolled electrostatic discharge occurs, this can be very dangerous. In addition, this issue plays a role wherever people come into contact with explosive liquids and mixtures like vapours, mists and gases.
In this connection, special emphasis has to be put on the field of the emerging hydrogen technology. When transporting gas in pipelines and tanks or when working on filling systems – here, too, possible frictional electricity must be discharged in a reliable and controlled way.
In order to counter any danger, fastening systems made of conductive materials such as e.g. hoses and pipes made of electrically conductive plastics –  are often used in the respective sectors. To date, customers who were looking for a fastening system for exactly these pipes and hoses have been offered a metallic solution by us  – e.g. a RSB tube clamp made of stainless steel. Although the metallic raw material used is per se electrically conductive, it also implies a certain weight which often presents a disadvantage to the customer.
Our current offers to customers of the above-mentioned industrial sectors almost exclusively bear the heading  ‘Your offer for our plastic clamps made of PP-EC’.
PP-EC is a special plastic material which has the property of conductivity (specific volume resistivity of approx. 10Ohm * cm | surface resistivity approx. 10Ohm).
Like our standard plastic clamps according to DIN 3015, the new PP-EC material is processed in our in-house plastic injection molding shop. We can thus produce even large quantities quickly and economically. Together with the relatively low net weight of the PP-EC clamp, it actually provides the perfect fastening solution for the bulk material handling and gas industry as well as for the mining industry.
The enthusiasm for an ingenious product which could make your hair stand on end – or rather not at all :-)