Start of the professional career

FKB warmly welcomes new apprentice

Young talents always had and still have a high priority for us.
After completing their apprenticeship, apprentices become loyal and well-known FKB staff members. And apart from that, young people simply also keep us young ourselves, whether it’s in the manufacturing process, in finding solutions to problems, in developing new ideas or in our daily interactions with one another: any fresh and new input is very much appreciated!

It is always exciting to see which path our young talents choose within the company, how they integrate in the FKB team and how we grow together.

Speaking of growth: our young FKB team has also grown since September. Our new apprentice and newbie Colin has already been welcomed by his young colleagues.

Colin would like to learn the profession of machine and plant operator with us. We hope we can provide you with a lot of skills and teach you a lot. Be eager and willing to learn, ask questions, be curious and enjoy your training period! Welcome to the team, Colin! We are glad you are here!