F-CR clamp: Maximum safety, improved performance, extended maintenance intervals

Anti-corrosion has reached a new level – Brand-new and fireproof: Flame-retardant plastic according to UL94 V0

We are expanding the proven anti-corrosive technology of our tube clamps. Our new F-CR clamp is made of flame-retardant plastic according to UL94 V0 and meets the requirements specified in EN 45545. This not only means safety, but also gives you the certainty that your systems meet the highest fire protection standards.
The F-CR clamp delays pitting and crevice corrosion, resulting in extended maintenance intervals.

All-in-one flame retardancy and corrosion protection

The F-CR clamp combines two high-performance raw materials in order to offer you both flame retardancy and corrosion protection in one product. With this clamp you rely on efficiency and durability – the ideal solution for demanding environments.

Why choose the F-CR clamp?

  • Safety: Meets the highest fire protection standards (UL94 V0, EN 45545, compliance with Norsok standard).
  • Performance: Delays pitting and crevice corrosion.
  • Innovation: Two high-performance raw materials in one product for maximum efficiency.

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