The new dimension of lighting technology

With our new RGBW ma­chi­ne lamps we al­ways place your ma­chi­ne in the right light – no mat­ter whe­ther it is in white, green, red, blue, …

Our RGBW lamps are equip­ped with sta­te-of-the-art LED tech­no­lo­gy for op­ti­mal il­lu­mi­na­ti­on of your work­place across the ent­i­re spec­trum of co­lours. Whe­ther you want per­ma­nent light­ing, co­lour dis­plays in­di­ca­ting dif­fe­rent ma­chi­ne sta­tes or e.g. fla­shing lights ef­fects to em­pha­si­ze a spe­cial state - ever­y­thing is pos­si­ble! You can crea­te your own co­lour pro­gram – in­di­vi­dual­ly tailo­red to meet your spe­ci­fic needs – thus each lamp will be­co­me uni­que. Howe­ver, what all RGBW TECH­MA­LUX ma­chi­ne lamps have in com­mon: their ro­bust hou­sing, tech­no­lo­gy in per­fec­tion and, of cour­se, their ap­pea­ling de­sign.

Our TECH­MA­LUX lamps are avail­able at va­rious lengths and at dif­fe­rent le­vels of per­for­mance. This va­rie­ty helps you find the per­fect light­ing so­lu­ti­on to fit your needs and also fa­ci­li­ta­tes e.g. the switch from con­ven­tio­nal ma­chi­ne lamps to mo­dern LED light­ing sys­tems.

For fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on on our large range of lamps, plea­se do not he­si­ta­te to con­tact us!