Our footprint in the world

- FKB has achieved climate neutral production -

In view of climate change and the devastating effects it is having around the world, FKB is committed to produce in a sustainable and climate neutral manner.
In cooperation with Klima ohne Grenzen (Climate without Borders), a non-profit organisation based in Leipzig, the carbon dioxide emissions of the entire company
have been calculated over the last few weeks. The result of these calculations: the ecological footprint within manufacturing of FKB.

The ecological footprint is a complex sustainability indicator which describes how much area an individual or a company needs to meet its own demand for resources.

With the help of the "Climate without Borders" team, FKB could offset unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting various climate projects.
At the beginning of May, FKB was then awarded a certificate for its commitment to climate protection and its climate neutral production.

We would like to thank "Climate without Borders" for the cooperation and the award!