Group weld-on plates - innovative manufacturing process

- new FKB module tool -

The RSB group weld-on plates for the welding assembly of our tube clamps in accordance
with DIN 3015 - successfully used worldwide for many years and an integral part of our product portfolio.

Another integral part of our daily work is our attitude to never rest on our laurels. We are constantly striving to drive innovation in our house, to find new solutions,
to achieve results in new, more efficient ways in order to create a genuine added value for our customers.
Against this background the various stages of the production process are precisely analysed at FKB - including the production process of our group weld-on plates. 
The previous production process could no longer be brought in line with our innovative thinking and actions.
The production chain has therefore been redesigned from scratch. 

Our aim was to significantly reduce work steps and transport routes, to simplify the manufacturing process and, in addition, to make it more
environmentally sensible and sustainable.Thanks to a newly designed modular tool, this task was successfully implemented.

All necessary manufacturing steps for the production of group weld-on plates are now carried out on one machine.
Punching, cup drawing, thread forming - all integrated in one tool, efficiently and innovatively!