FKB GmbH helps...

- Relief transport to Romania -

Last Thursday, a FKB team of drivers (Josip Kovacevic and managing director Wolfgang Schatz) set off for Romania by company truck.
On board: on the one hand, donations collected and stored by Hauser Reisen, a touring coach company, and on the other hand, in-kind donations made and collected by FKB.

In collaboration with a guest, Hauser Reisen launched an appeal for donations at the end of February. Response to this fundraising appeal was so overwhelming that even two trips with fully-loaded buses were not enough to transport all goods from Rottweil to the Ukraine-Romania border.
It quickly became clear to us: here we can and want to help! The remaining donated goods should be brought as soon as possible to the right place.
Early Thursday evening the FKB truck was loaded with a variety of different donated goods at the Berner Feld. Staff of FKB GmbH and of Bucher Stahlhandel GmbH as well as the Hauser team worked hand in hand on site. In less than one hour the truck was loaded and our FKB team was ready for departure.

Due to a lack of medical goods in the border areas and especially in the Ukraine war zone, we decided to donate medical supplies, in addition to the goods collected at the Berner Feld.
Thanks to generous in-kind and cash donations from our employees we were able to organize several boxes containing medical supplies.
Even in the private environment of collegues, fundraising appeals were launched.
Another aid package to Ukraine was directly financed by FKB including painkillers, bandages, wound care products, ...

The FKB team of drivers arrived after a smooth ride in Romania on Friday and could directly hand over all donated goods to our contact person Mr Michael Maier on site.

We very much hope that we can help as many local people as possible a little bit with our donations!