Extension of the 2+5 RSB tube clamp system

- new addition: the brand-new RSB multi clamp -

Our RSB '2+5 system' has been known and appreciated by many customers and users.

This special modular system, comprising only two sizes, can cover tube diameters from 6 to 42 mm - clever, economical, flexible!

Sounds good? It is getting even better! For all those who want even more sophistication, who want to save more space, for whom flexible is not flexible enough, we offer the brand-new RSB multi clamp, fitting to the 2+5 system!

The new RSB multi clamp is a real space-saving miracle! As it can be individually equipped with elastomer inserts, one clamp body or rather the DIN size 5 covers the standard tube diameters from 6 to 35 mm! And due to the inserts you also achieve noise insulation – superb!

We offer the new RSB multi clamp bodies optionally with four, three or two passages.

One multi clamp – a variety of solutions – this is real innovation!

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