NEW – Tube clamp with proven elastomer insert tested and released according to EN 45545

- Our new elastomer inserts comply with the European standard EN 45545-2:2020 -

'Fire protection' is always a 'red-hot' issue – especially e.g. in rail traffic. Here, it is essential to guarantee the highest possible level of safety for users and rail vehicles. Built-in components must meet very specific requirements – like e.g. the requirements of EN-45545 – a European railway standard which regulates, among other things, the requirements for the fire behaviour of materials and components. Against this background, our RSB product range generally includes flame resistant tube clamps.

In addition to the safety aspect, numerous other demands are placed on built-in materials – rail traffic, for example, is supposed to run comfortably and thus 'smoothly'and particularly without exposing travellers and the environment to too much noise pollution. Wherever noise and vibration insulation is required in addition to flame resistant properties our new tube clamp combination will be a suitable and clever solution for extra safety and comfort.