Climate-neutral production at FKB

- Renewal of CO2 Certificate -

Never before has an active contribution to environmental and climate protection by each individual been more important than it is today.
We, as a company, are aware of our social responsibility and have put the issue of ‘climate and environmental protection‘  at the top of our agenda for several years now.

In cooperation with ‘Klima ohne Grenzen‘ (Climate without Borders), a non-profit organization based in Leipzig, we regularly calculate our ‘ecological footprint‘.
It is important to quantify your own resource use and CO2 emissions and, in particular, to document them. This is the only way to achieve a true awareness for sustainable practices.  
With the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and, where possible, of completely avoiding them, we have been identifying the different sources of emissions throughout the company for years and we put in place appropriate measures to reduce them. We have succeeded in continuously reducing our carbon footprint over the years.
Comparing e.g. the years 2023 and 2022, we were even able to lower the emission value of our company by 13%. A great and important success!

In cooperation with ‘Climate without Borders‘, we offset unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting selected climate protection projects.

FKB GmbH was once again awarded a Certificate for its commitment to climate protection and to climate-friendly business practices.