Punched and formed parts

When it comes to top-quality, long-lasting punched and formed parts with maximum precision and economy, nobody can beat FKB GmbH.


Equipped with state-of-the-art punching machines, the FKB GmbH produces punched and formed parts in all common iron metals, non-ferrous metals and surfaces. Our 500 kN-3150 kN eccentric presses and punching and bending machines allow us to process material thicknesses of 0.400 - 15.00 mm.


Our customers are notable companies from the automotive, packaging, electronics, heating and sanitation industries.


Furthermore, we will advise and accompany you all the way from the conception and construction through to the manufacture of tools and the production of punched and formed parts.


Our precision toolmaking ensures that all customer specifications are accurately met, from the prototype right through to the series part.